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About Marcel.

Storyteller, Marketing & Brand Strategist. 
Born in 1990 in Hamburg, Germany, Marcel became active in the media industry during his high school years. His fascination in film & media production lies in having grown up learning about films from his mothers lap who worked as a movie editor in her own studio. For several years he has been working as an actor in film, TV and advertising, winning multiple Awards (2x "Grimme Awards", "German Advertising Film Award") for his work. He then went on to write and direct campaigns and commercials for brands such as Volkswagen, Ferrero, Deutsche Bahn and Telekom, nationally as well as internationaly, while also working as a freelance consultent for Rebranding & Brandnarrativ cases for the past years. As director & writer, Marcel is being represented by Fröhlich Film Management Frankfurt.
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